One thing I can say about joining this family, FATHOUSE is that not only am I happy to be amongst people, I know we can learn from each other, but I also got to experience new things and discover new ways to interact and learn more about being plus size, what we go through and how they overcame alot of things. The platform has given me a wider version of what I am as not just an activist but a plus-size lady myself and you Sefi Oma, you made me a model, a very fabulous one and you showed me that regardless of what may, we are all in this together and we all are going to come out strong and fight for us to be regarded and successful individuals. Thanks for my friend, I appreciate the push. TESTIMONIALS have been me I have been chasing my dreams and career success without fear. It is a good thing to be a part of FATHOUSE, it has been life-changing.

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