about us

FATHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT is a project by founder Ehondor A. Omosefe a.k.a Sefi Oma in 2018. Sefi had a soul-searching journey to connect with other plus-size people to bridge the loneliness she felt living as a plus-size person. After much contemplation, she decided the project direction will result in a product launch to mitigate the perception of the society of plus-size persons.

FATHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT is tailored to meet the needs of plus ­size individuals as they journey through life. By the end of 2018, other products within the brand were birthed. A Modeling Agency to give plus-size models opportunities to portray the plus size persons as more than just a sexual fantasy for pleasure but persons who can contribute to the national development. Plus-size fashion brands now have experienced and trained models in the plus-size category to display their fashion creations on plus-size individuals.

Health is also important for the FATHOUSE brand, this led to the Plus size Fitness Work, to ensure an active lifestyle. To impact the economic activities within our continent, we are training Plus-size Ushers, Pageants participants, Event managers, Escort services, and other Networking & Job opportunities.

FATHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT  keeps winning and owns a WhatsApp community of almost 200 people. With her ingenuity and creativity of fresh ideas for events and plus size support activities while adding value to the plus-size community through counseling and personal development activities.


Redefining the plus-size person narrative in Africa


  • To encourage plus size persons to have self-love.
  • To see the plus-size persons thrive  and maximize their full potential.
  • To change the narrative that plus size people are lazy, dirty, unhealthy, and seen as sexual objects.
  • To build eradicate body shaming through awareness campaigns.
  • To encourage plus-size persons to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • To boost confidence and improve the self-esteem of the plus-size person.


To create a community of plus-size persons who are models, event planners, ushers video vixen, entrepreneurs, counsellors, and professionals from all works of life who would build a positive platform for the next generation of plus-size persons.

Membership Benefits

Personal development through online workshops to boost members career development and entrepreneurial skills.

Networking through events, activities online, and physical events.

Providing emotional support via our whatsapp community


Ehondor A. Omosefe, also known as Sefi Oma, is the
amazing founder of FATHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT. She attended College of Education in Warri, Delta State and studied Theatre Arts.

Sefi loves to learn and has a deep desire for personal growth and development, the passion led her to the prestigious National Open University Benin City where she studied Mass Communication.

The FATHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT has been transforming the lives of plus-size individuals in Nigeria and influencing them to love themselves, improve their self esteem and enjoy their bodies.

Sefi created this niche of expression out of her ambition to change the plus-size narrative to have a positive connotation. She was born in Warri and grew up with her parents and grandparents. These twogeneration of caregivers gave Şefi an in-depth understanding of humans, as she gleaned from her grandparent’s wisdom, she learned tenacity and dedication from her parents.

Sefi’s initiative is unique and is vital for the growing African continent to see what is possible. She is blazing the trail as one of the leaders in the plus-size industry in Africa. Never afraid to take on big tasks to grow her brand, she is thriving and raising an army of confident people. Sefi is a fascinating model and was featured on the Big Brother Naija, 2020 program on the Mapia Tea Brand Advert, which had over 350 million views across the world, the ad featured the winner of the 2019 BBN event, Mercy Ike and Mr. Macaroni.
She has also worked with the top finalist of Big brother Naija 2020 in the person of Dorothy Bachor and PrettyMike of Lagos in an advert for Mapia Tea Brand .